Yu-Gi-Oh Pro 1.6

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Welcome duelists  to Yu gi oh pro.


1. Download Radmin here:

2.  Sign Up to Radmin

3. Find our Team: Yu-Gi-Oh Pro 1.9 Pass: 123456

4. join the party.


1. Download the game here:

2. Install The Game

3. Download the launcher here:

4. Run the launcher and press DUEL to open the game.

5. You have to connect to Lan: VPN Adnin Service or to online Server in order to play with other players

6. You can play anytime you want.


1. You can play with all the cards without limit. Just press 'don't check deck' in host options.

2. Have fun


1. Mostly every weekend we'll have tournaments

2. During tournaments only: You can't play with ban cards. You can unlock ban cards by beating the tournament or by beating another duelist(who has an unlock card). 

3. After every tournament if you beat a duelist how has an unlock card we'll get you this card by giving you an iflist file whitch you can put in the game path to unlock the card.

4. You can see all the duelist and what card/s they unlocked in the forum.

5. Have fun. 

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by Solidus84 over a year ago
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